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TX9 FT450

FT450 is a super charged EV with a very sporty feel to it. The variants currently available go up to a whooping 75KM/hr. This model features a sporty look that enhances the appearance of the rider.


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Our facilities & features

Bluetooth Connectivity

Now play songs from your mobile while you vibe on a hill range!

Reverse Gear

Another great feature to help you with the easy handling of your EV

Mobile Charging Port

Charge your devices while going for long rides with the 5V 3A powered port.

3 Gear System

You can choose how to ride with 3 different modes – Eco, Comfort and Sport.

Double Disk Brakes

Your safety is our priority, we added Double Disk Brakes to ensure maximum safety to our riders

Intelligent Display

Intelligent console that makes your EV premium; comes with smart Battery Assessment System.

Portable Fast Charger

Now charge your super EV from anywhere using our Portable Fast Charger!!

Tubeless Tyres

You get a 10-inch tubeless tyre with our EV for a non-stop commute.

Anti-theft Alarm

Once you lock your EV, no one can move it without an alarm.


Your EV is protected from dust and sand and can work for at least 30 minutes while underwater.

Easy Battery Swapping

Change your battery within seconds to ride more!

Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

We added Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers to ensure maximum comfort while riding your EV in Indian roads.

Parking Switch

Safety Feature: Additional Parking Switch for added safety

keyless Entry

Easily start or stop your EV whenever you want with the help of a remote.

8 Color Options

Now choose your favorite EV color from our 8 color options 🙂